Cherry Pie Picache shouts too much

Cherry Pie PicacheI'm referring to Marleen, her character in Tayong Dalawa, who would always have to have a verbel battle together with Lola Gets against Ingrid and Elizabeth. And this verbal battles have reached Cherry Pie's limit.

Cherry Pie Picache is now suffering soar throat due to non-stop taping. She told that their tapings eat up three to four days a week, mostly twenty four hour straight!

Tayong Dalawa Spoiler

Lola Gets (Gina Pareño) will go to a vacation in Hongkong. And Marleen will appear lesser in the drama. This gives Cherry Pie time to relax.

The Medical City doctor looking into her throats also services singers Agot Isidro, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Christian Bautista.

Iwa Moto deletes her Facebook account

Iwa MotoNo more Facebook for Iwa Moto.

Iwa Moto did not canceled her Facebook account because of stalkers or spammers. No, it's not an outside influence. It's because of her and she did it herself.

Iwa said she just use Facebook for fun, to say whatever she wants to say. So there was a time when she said in her status: "Is in pain right now, I want to die." her friends flooded her with comments and calls. She was stressed out to explain that she only had dysmenorrhea.

There was also a time when she changed her status to "married" and changed her surname to "Ablan" (his boyfriend
Mickey Ablan). She was also thronged with comments.

Then she thought that is not fun at all so she cancelled her account. She also has a Friendster account but lost the password and hasn't updated it.

March 24 National TV Ratings (Primetime)

All About Eve

Here are the national TV ratings for your favorite primetime shows for March 24, 2009:

May Bukas Pa - 38.1
Zorro - 30.9

I Love Betty La Fea - 38.1
Totoy Bato - 29.3

Tayong Dalawa - 36.2
Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang - 22.8

All About Eve - 21.1
Showbiz News Ngayon - 18.6


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